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This book investigates changes in tango dancing in Buenos Aires during the first decade of the twenty-first century and its relationship to contemporary social and cultural transformations. Mercedes Liska focuses on one of the proposed alternatives to conventional tango, queer tango, which proposes to rethink one of the alleged icons of a national culture from a feminist conception and to imagine social transformation processes from bodily experiences.

Specifically, this book analyzes the value of bodily experiences, the redefinition of the mind-body relationship, and the transformation in the dynamics of the dance from the heteronormative movements of tango. In doing so, Liska addresses the ways in which bodily techniques and gender theories are involved in the denaturing and corporeality decoding of tango and its historical senses as well as the connections between different tango dance practices spread throughout the world.


Introduction: Personal Considerations and Knowledge
1. Tango Awaits You: Revitalization
2. Aesthetic Canon and Cultural Matrices of the Modern Body
3. Tango that Made Me Queer: Gender Activism in Dance Form
4. From Tradition to Betrayal: Innovations in Dance Music
5. The Mecca of Tango: Buenos Aires and Cultural Globalization
6. On the Dance Floor
Afterword: See You on Tuesday
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