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The Militant Song Movement in Latin America: Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina

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Pablo Vila

  1. New Song in Chile: Half a Century of Musical Activism
    Nancy Morris
  1. “Remembrance Is Not Enough…” (“No basta solo el recuerdo…”): The Cantata Popular Santa María de Iquique Forty Years after Its Release
    Eileen Karmy Bolton
  1. The Chilean New Song´s cueca larga
    Laura Jordán González
  1. Modern Foundations of Uruguayan Popular Music
    Abril Trigo
  1. Popular Music and the Avant-garde in Uruguay: The Second Canto Popular Generation in the 1970s
    Camila Juárez: Translated by Peggy Westwell and Pablo Vila
  1. The Rhythm of Values: Poetry and Music in Uruguay, 1960-1985
    María L. Figueredo
  1. Atahualpa Yupanqui: The Latin American Precursor of the Militant Song Movement
    Carlos Molinero and Pablo Vila
  1. A Brief History of the Militant Song Movement in Argentina
    Carlos Molinero and Pablo Vila
  1. The Revolutionary Patria and Its New (Wo)Men: Gendered Tropes of Political Agency and Popular Identity in Argentine Folk Music of the Long 1960s
    Illa Carrillo Rodríguez



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